2023 Illinois Committee Election Information

The following position is up for voting:

  • Xcel Bronze Silver Division Chairperson

The nominees running for this position are:

Please click their names to view their resumes and see the position requirements below. An email will be sent out to all eligible members to vote. The other remaining positions all ran unopposed.

Voting begins on June 16th @ 12 pm and ends on June 30 @ 10 pm CST

Position Requirements

Level /Division Chairperson’s Requirements

  • Be a member in good standing of USA Gymnastics
  • Knowledge of both Illinois and USA Gymnastics Rules & Policies and Operating Code.
  • Able to make decisions in support and in the best interest of the entire USA Gymnastics program, regardless of their personal interests and affiliations Have a footprint interest in the Level/Division (working knowledge of said Level/Division
  • Be the State Chairperson for their particular level / division
  • Track athletes “in” and “out” of their specific level / division. This means Scores (in State and Out of State) as well as Eligibility of athletes in Level/Division
  • Level/Division Petitions: Work within the Triangle (State Chairman, Development Program Chairperson, and Level/Division Chairperson) in determination of Athlete readiness (View printed as well as Video)
  • Must be present and assist in the State Meet Series
  • Work with the DP Chairman & Meet Director to ensure that the meet run according to all of the rules that apply
  • Establish age groups for level
  • Level 6/7/8/9/10/ Division XS/XG/XP/XD
    • Keep the Regional and National personnel updated with all necessary information including Regional Requested forms.
    • Be present at the Regional Meet held in Illinois if possible.
  • Help with the State Congress and State Training Camps
  • Have access to a computer
    • Must have Microsoft Office (including Excel- since most of the communications that are sent between the State Committee is sent in that format
  • Have a secure email address
  • Sign a yearly Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest agreement provided by USA Gymnastics
  • Able to attend all Committee meeting, of which there are usually 3 to 4 a year. These meeting generally occurs during weekdays.
  • Be a member in good standing of USA Gymnastics