Illinois Meet Scheduling

All member clubs wishing to host competitions must submit a list of meets following the schedule below. The following procedure will be followed.

Until Phase 4, only 1 meet per Club will be awarded. Each meet must fill out the form Phase 1 Meets that where on last years calendar same weekend Out and In of gym facility. See list below.

These meet requests are due back ASAP (within the week).

Phase 2 If you are in Phase 1 and are changing weekends please sent that in and it will be handled as soon as Phase 1 is complete. Reminder that if you are changing dates you will loose your priority.

A tentative calendar will be produced and sent to all pro members . Please keep your eye on the calendar sent to all pro members to see if there are changes to the calendar as to avoid conflicts in meet date due to area and in sufficient number of judges available. These meets are assigned in order of how long at the same weekend. Weekends are based on Saturday.

Phase 3 Any club that does not have a meet on the calendar.

Phase 4 All other meets (2nd-3rd-4th meets, etc.)

All clubs, that had meets placed on the Official Calendar must then request judges filled out online and payment sent 2 weeks following the Meet Scheduling Phase. All meets that have not been requested and paid for by 2 weeks after there Phase will be dropped from the “Official Calendar” and loose there priority placement.

If any Phase finishes early the next one will start and adjusted. Email will be sent out if starting earlier..

Why this procedure? Because of the large number of meet requests by Illinois Clubs and the Small number of Judges available at any one weekend the Assignors have had great difficulty assigning meets that came in.

Therefore, the meets on the Official Calendar will be assigned judges first. Then, all other meets may receive judges. We are not excluding meets that may be added to the Schedule at a later date, but simply assuring that judges are available to those that followed the procedures.

Priority Listing

Phase 3 Form