Sponsored by the College Gymnastics Association
Executed by the Collegiate Gymnastics Community

Our gymnastics community has been shaken to the core. It is very concerning that Athletic Departments continue to cut programs
during financial struggles as a result of the COVID pandemic. It is disappointing that the easy solution has become the go-to solution
for some universities. The recent decisions to cut the Men’s Gymnastics program at the University of Minnesota, the University of Iowa as well as both the Men’s and Women’s programs at William & Mary should serve as a warning to our community. It should also act as a catalyst for our community to come together to protect the opportunities for future generations of young gymnasts.

The future of our sport will be determined by how our community responds to our current situation. It is important now more than ever to come together. Paired with COVID-19 impacts, the cancelation of March Madness last spring and football being postponed for the Big 10 and Pac 12 conference, the current challenge facing every athletic department is financial.


We hope that’s the question everyone is asking. The answer – we mobilize the enormous networks of gymnastics families, friends, workmates, and colleagues that each of us possess. NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Programs will be participating in The Perfect 10 Challenge on Saturday, September 19. The entire team will do a relatively simple physical task of 10 pushups. Easy indeed, but the power of the entire team pushing in sync will represent the idea behind The Stronger Together campaign – the small efforts of many will create a wave of engagement that can become unprecedented in its results.

September 19th is National Gymnastics Day, a day when the entire gymnastics community comes together to celebrate the sport that gave us all so much. It starts with the members of the team, reaching out to their family and friends, asking for financial assistance in the form of a donation. Doesn’t have to be a big donation – just a donation. If they can generate a donation from 10 people in their network, that’s how it starts. Then each of those 10 people who donated asks 10 people in their network to help with a donation. Doesn’t have to be a big donation – just a donation. As the net casts wider and wider, this system can start to generate some significant
dollars from a donation – just a donation.

Why should someone donate? Great question. To preserve men’s collegiate gymnastics programs that have been in existence in some
cases for over 100 years. The current financial landscape of college athletics is in dire straits. If ever there was a time to ask for financial
assistance, it’s right now. And let’s hope it’s not too late. The ripple effect of the power of networks of people connected by a common
theme needs to be tapped into at an accelerated rate. The situation that just occurred at Minnesota, Iowa, and William & Mary hits all
too close to home not to create a spark that can quickly accelerate the spread of this campaign.

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