Collegiate Gymnastics Growth Initiative 2019-2020 Invitational Campaign

2019-2020 Gymnastics Invitational Support

Hello Club and Invitational Hosts & Owners,

We are the Collegiate Gymnastics Growth Initiative (CGGI), a committee composed of NCAA Women’s College Gymnastics Coaches that are working diligently to increase the number of universities that sponsor women’s gymnastics.  In order to encourage universities to add opportunities for our young gymnasts, we are making presentations, inviting them to competitions and most importantly, growing endowment funds through donations and support at our grass roots level to help with future funding for a university that adds our sport.

How you can help?
By increasing your registration fee for your invite by $1/participant to donate to the CGGI, you will be joining every other invite in the U.S. and helping grow collegiate opportunities.

Where does your donation go?           
90% of all funds raised from invitationals goes directly to the endowment account with the intent of encouraging universities to create opportunities for gymnasts like the ones competing in your invite.  10% of the donation goes towards expenses such as presentation costs, printed materials, among other expenses to encourage growth.

How to make a commitment to the 2019-2020 season?
Our goal is to have EVERY invite in the country be a part of our campaign to help grow collegiate gymnastics.  Here is how you can commit to the 2019-2020 campaign.Increase your registration for your invite by $1.  Tell your participants where that $1 is going and why.  You will now be eligible for a tax deduction by making your donation to the CGGI.Sign up NOW for the 2019-2020 season by filling out the commitment form (Link Below), and then you are committed!Follow us on all of our social media platforms and our website (coming soon) to get the latest information on schools we are making presentations to and those that are interested in adding. Tell all of your friends to support the CGGI and the future of collegiate gymnastics as well. 
Our hope is that we have reached you in time before sending out your 2019-2020 invite event information.  This donation coming from you is a tax deductible donation and when adding a $1 to each participant, they are actually helping the future of collegiate gymnastics with you and us.

Please support the sport we all love and help create new opportunities for the future.


Randy Lane
Chair – CGGI
Associate Head Coach – UCLA Gymnastics

If your Invitational would like to support the CGGI, please click on the link below to sign up.

Sign Up NOW for 2019-2020