Xcel Regional to be held in Peoria Illinois May 12-14

Qualification is at State Meet only… no petitions allowed to regionals.  Silver and Gold qualifying score is 35.5.  Platinum and Diamond qualifying score is 35.0.  Entry fee is $90 and must be paid at State Meet.

State Teams – Top 14 AA regardless of age will make up 2 teams of 7 each (Team A and Team B) for Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  There will be one team of top 7 AA regardless of age for Diamond.  Gymnasts not qualifying for a state team will compete by age group.  IES – 9.0 at State and must be entered to state as an IES.

Other Noted Items

  • Please make sure all latest updates have been read.  I have listed a few of the most often asked questions.
  • The Start Value for the 1/4-1/2 on – repulsion off is now a 9.8 for Platinum.
  • For Silver vault – mats must be 8 inches (+/- 2 inches) higher than table. 0.3 deduction if no.
  • A handstand may only be used as the 1st skill for acro series credit on Beam.
  • A round off flip flop to 2 feet and a round off flip flop step out are considered the same tumbling pass on floor.


Thank you,

Nancy Gibson

R5 Xcel Chairperson