New EVO bars at all Midwest Gym Supply meets and JO National

AAI has come out with a new set of bars this year (EVO black). We will be bringing these bars to the meets that we will be supplying equipment to this year. We purchased the bars because AAI has said that these bars will be at JO Nationals.  Some of the new features are better spin locks, spin locks and snap locks at the same height, the front slider being locked in at FIG setting and easier to read FIG and Age group numbers.  

If you use the front slider on FIG on your Elite set, then your setting will match. If you don’t you are going to be about 1-2 inches off on the new EVO black bars.  We recommend that you measure your current setting on a diagonal (low bar to high bar) and bring a tape measure with you to your next meet that we will be at, so you can  adjust your setting to the new bars.


Chris Kemp